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Why Us?
With our one stop accounting service platform, you can understand your financial status and handle your business easily and quickly. In addition, we have our all-rounded accountant team ready to solve your problems.
Ensure the Lowest Price with Unique Pricing System
To keep the price low, instead of having one accountant to provide you all kind of services, your request is quoted through a group of accountants which shall provide you the best pricing.
Online and Mobile
You can use your mobile or desktop to login our platform anytime and anywhere you want to manage your documents or contact accountant. In addition, all your past documents are traceable whenever you want to check.
Rate Your Service
You will be invited to rate the service after the job is done and the score will affect accountant’s income. If you are not happy with the current accountant, you can always change it! With the online platform, your documents can transfer to new accountant immediately!

Voices from Clients

Hokkaido Mart

Karen - CEO

"When Standard Accounting help us arrange our audit, they reviewed our business and gave us valuable business suggestions. The cost they helped us save is more than we paid for our audit!"

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Chat with Standard Accounting